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Herbal Tampon
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100% Natural and Hormones free

 Beautiful Life tampons are made of 100% natural ingredients. Beautiful Life tampons is a unique, curative-preventive product for women that belong to group of therapeutical and preventive products that do not require prescription.

Beautiful Life tampons were made based on the most ancient recipes of Homeopaths and advanced biotechnology.

These therapeutic and preventive tampons are composed of several dozen kinds of natural Chinese traditional components that offer preventative support to women’s body and can help toget rid of many serious gynaecological diseases.


Beautiful Life Tampons are:

   •produced in strictly sterile conditions

  •comply with “GMP” standard (international quality standard)

  •were subject to more than 1000 clinical investigations, which showed that the tampons are safe, non-toxic and do not have any side effects

Active ingredients include:

Kochiascoparia, Motherwort Refined from Osthol, Stemona sessilifolia (Miq.)Miq, Rhizoma smilacis glabrae, Angelica,Rhizoma chuianxiong and borneol


How to use Beautiful Life Tampons?

Beautiful Life herbal tampons effectively disinfect and much faster achieve desirable results than a traditional therapy for Genital Organs diseases. Traditional treatment of Genital Organs diseases mainly suggests intake of antibiotics or some kind of medicine taken orally, which requires time for body to absorb and react to the treatment.


The tampons are effective when curing such gynecological problems as:

Inflammation in pelvis area, oophoritis, enuresis, cervix uteri pathologies (erosion, leukoplakia, and dysplasia), cystic disease, polyposis, fibroma, infertility, mastopathy, candidosis, endometritis, cervical erosion, hysterectomy, adnexitis, colpitis, fungal vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis and PID


Treatment recommendations

 1 course is 6 Herbal Tampons - We Supply 6 Tampons


  • Endometritis: 3-4 courses of treatment of Beautiful Life tampons


  • Hysterectomy: 5-6 courses of treatment of Beautiful Life tampons


  • Phase 1, 2 or 3 of cervical erosion: Phase 1 =2-3 courses, Phase 2 = 4-5 courses, Phase 3 =6-7 courses of treatment of Beautiful Life tampons


  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding: 3-4 courses of treatment of Beautiful Life tampons


  • Trichomonas vaginitis: 2-3 course of treatment of Beautiful Life tampons


  • Fungal vaginitis: 1-2 course of treatment of Beautiful Life tampons


•No diseases – use 2 pills of Beautiful Life tampons to clean your body for preventative



Method of application:

  • Clean your hands before opening the package
  • Wash vulvae
  • Untie the string before using the tampon
  • Relax and smoothly insert the tampon to the depth of 7 cm. Keep the end of thread outside the vagina. The thread will be used later to pull tampon out of the vagina
  • After 3 days the tampon must be removed by pulling the end of the thread
  • After tampon removal thoroughly wash the vagina
  • Wait for 24 hours before application of the next tampon
  • Results of application:
  • There is a noticeable effect after the application of the 1 unit of the drug.
  • It cleans uterus and vagina from pathogenic bacteria and viruses (naturally removes pathogenic microorganisms from the body).
  • Restores hormonal balance.
  • Normalizes blood microcirculation.
  • Eliminates inflammation processes.
  • Anaesthetizing.
  • Normalizes menstrual cycle.


Stage 1: Generally, the tampon will be pulled out from vagina 3 days later. You can see that the tampon is bigger than before. It absorbed lots of toxins from vagina. Vaginal itching, pain, odour and other gynaecological symptoms were relieved.
Stage 2: Erosion, thick secretions and bacteria absorbed on the tampon were discharged continuously. Urinary frequency, urgency disappeared gradually, leucorrhea was reduced and the odour disappeared.
Stage 3: Enhance the vaginal tissue metabolism, fasten the healing of  the vaginal and uterine wounds caused by childbirth, abortion, and restores the smoothness of the vagina.  


Stage 4: Ovarian secretion of hormones returns to normal levels. 



The product can not replace drug treatment, the effect of which can not be exaggerated in advertisement.

Do not use on pregnant women or during menstrual period.
Do not use on allergic patients.


Beautiful Life tampons can also be used for preventative and cleaning purposes. The results are simply visible. Use 2 tampons month, at least once, to feel the difference.


•Do not swallow tampons

•Avoid having sexual intercourse during treatment. In case you wish to have sexual intercourse,

 you must remove tampon, thoroughly rinse your vagina and wait 3 hours prior to having


•In the absence of any acute/chronic gynecological diseases, use 2 tampons a month for 

 preventive purposes

•After sexual intercourse you may use 1 tampon to eliminate risk of bacterial infection

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