Small Purple Menstrual Cup

Small Purple Menstrual Cup
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A menstrual cup is a flexible cup worn inside the vagina throughout feminine cycle to gather menstrual liquid. Produced out of medical grade silicone, the cups do not absorb the menstrual fluid like a tampon or a pad, it is retained in the cup for the user to then empty.


The Menstrual Cup comes in two sizes. Enabling choice of the suitable size below is a guideline also below are the measurements:

 1. Small -  Usually suitable for women who have not given birth to a child or women up to the age of  25 years 

2. Large - Usually suitable for women who have given birth to a child or who are over the age of 25 years





Size 1. (Small) - diameter 40mm; length 46mm; length of the stem 19mm; volume 15,5ml 
Size 2. (Large) - diameter 46mm; length 53mm; length of the stem 13mm; volume 26ml


The 19/13mm stem, can be shortened to the length you find most suitable by simply using a sharp knife or scissors.

The stem can be removed entirely as well, however please be careful not to cut into the bottom of the Menstrual Cup



The Menstrual Cup is easy maintenance.

 The shape and surface of the bottom part and of the stem is adapted for easier removal/insertion thanks to its raised bumps - it is an oval flat shaped stem.

 The thickness of the silicone material used is adapted to provide maximum flexibility, thus ensuring the best possible feeling during use.


  •  Regardful of the Environment with a lifetime of up to 15 years if maintained correctly
  • Ecological and Economical 
  • Silicone With Maximum Flexibility 
  • Designed with a smooth surface for easy use and maintenance 
  • Made of the highest quality medical silicone, used exclusively in the medical and food industry - from silicone approved by the FDA 

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