Vaginal PH Gel

Vaginal PH Gel
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Beautiful Life Vaginal Gel

 Beautiful Life Vaginal Gel is made of natural ingredients. Beautiful Life Vaginal Gel is a curative-preventive product for women that belong to group of therapeutical and preventive products that do not require prescription.

Beautiful Life Vaginal Gel is made based on the most ancient recipes of Homeopaths and advanced biotechnology.

These therapeutic and preventive treatments are composed of several dozen kinds of natural Chinese traditional components that offer preventative support to women’s body and can help to get rid of many serious gynaecological diseases.


produced in strictly sterile conditions
 •comply with “GMP” standard (international quality standard)



Propolis, Saffron, Cnidium monnieri, Plant Embryo, Plant Oil, Aloe Vera Extract,Biological essence.


1.Repair female vagina and vagina mucosa,  improve the function of the natural Cleaning system;

2.Antiseptic, anti-inflammation, enhance resistibility, eliminate odors and itching, regulate menstruation

3.Nourish and tighten vagina.

Relief of Symptoms Related To:

1.Cervical Erosion;

2.Trichomonas Vaginitis;

3.Abnormal Vaginal discharge, Abnormal Leucorrhea

4.Mycotic Vaginitis;

5.Pelvic Inflammation, Endometritis

6. Pruritus Swollen Red Vagina

7.Loose and Dry vagina

8. To Help Maintain The Vagina's Natural PH Balance

Effective duration:

48 hours


Push the tube slowly into the depth of the vagina after washing the vagina, then squeeze the gel out.

Recommended Treatment

Once every three days with one tube per time.

The Gel is suitable for regular use to maintain the natural PH balance of the vagina - using 1 tube per week.

Not Suitable For Pregnant Women And During Menstruation Or If You Are Allergic To Any Ingredients


5g/pack - 1 Tube Supplied -  In Sterile Foil Packaging


We Advise You To Consult Your Doctor If:

  •  Your symptoms worsen
  • You experience pain
  • The discomfort does not cease
  • The discharge is blood-stained
  • The discharge occurs during the menopause

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